LAFLY  5600W Dual Motor Adult Fast E Scooter Max Speed 70-100 KM/H 60V40AH 11Inch Fat Tire Electric BAD PEOPLE
LAFLY  5600W Dual Motor Adult Fast E Scooter Max Speed 70-100 KM/H 60V40AH 11Inch Fat Tire Electric BAD PEOPLE
LAFLY  5600W Dual Motor Adult Fast E Scooter Max Speed 70-100 KM/H 60V40AH 11Inch Fat Tire Electric BAD PEOPLE
LAFLY  5600W Dual Motor Adult Fast E Scooter Max Speed 70-100 KM/H 60V40AH 11Inch Fat Tire Electric BAD PEOPLE
LAFLY  5600W Dual Motor Adult Fast E Scooter Max Speed 70-100 KM/H 60V40AH 11Inch Fat Tire Electric BAD PEOPLE

LAFLY 5600W Dual Motor Adult Fast E Scooter Max Speed 70-100 KM/H 60V40AH 11Inch Fat Tire

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5600W Powerful dual motors

5600W Powerful dual motors The maximum speed can reach 70-100KM/H

11 inch fat tires

11-inch off-road fat tires, strong grip and smooth ride,Hydraulic shock absorbers for high driving comfort

LED high-definition display screen

LED high-definition display screen, showing mileage, speed, power,Ergonomically curved handlebar for more comfortable and safe ride.

Stainless steel waterproof dual charging port

Stainless steel waterproof charging port, closed design with high waterproof performance and good safety performance.

metal leg stand

Stronger support and stronger grip.

non-slip sandpaper

Beautiful and anti-slip function, protect the safety of cyclists.


If your scooter wants to upgrade or replace parts, we offer all these parts to buy. We have a dedicated after-sales team, first-class maintenance engineers, who can help you solve after-sales problems. We are a factory, different batches of scooters will be slightly different. Part of the adjustment depends on the latest suppliers of raw materials and feedback from customers. We are good at absorbing and listening to other people's suggestions. If you have better suggestions, you are welcome to discuss with us.


Foldable Smart Electric Scooter




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