Camperos are the most evergreen boots ever, do you know the story of these boots?

Also known as Texan boots , it is a unisex shoe, in fact also used by men, they are shoes that have made history and there is one actress in particular who made them famous.

Worn by all camperos , we also remember them on the feet of the great Marylin Monroe , they are a truly timeless pair of shoes.

The story of the camperos, a timeless pair of boots.

There isn't a famous person who hasn't shown a pair of camperos in his life, from Madonna to Kate Middleton , they all adore these boots.

As we have already said, Texans are also called camperos and vice versa or even rodeo boots or vacheros become fashionable starting from the 70s.

The first women to wear these boots were their own the Texans from the distant 20s for the 75th anniversary of the founding of the City of Fort Worth. They were not immediately in the spotlight and it took them some time to get out of the United States.

They have been evolving since 1954 when Dale Evans , a famous American actress, decided to start wearing them in her free time and so the camperos made their appearance on the scene.

After Evans, who was a true pioneer, many actresses followed her like Monroe in 1961 and Raquel Welch . We recall a pair of Texans also worn by John Travolta in 1980 in the film Urban Cowboy.

And here the story of these beloved boots comes to the present day.

Today we know many models of camperos, these shoes are found in many types. From classic models to more embroidered and decorated ones with more eccentric colours. Impossible today not to have a pair of camperos in your shoe rack , they are those shoes that you really always want to use and that will last forever.